A Mother’s Letter to Her Daughters

Don’t Lose Your Beauty and Soul

Tamyara Brown
4 min readMay 14

It’s Mother’s Day and life around you is changing. You are adults with your own ideas, desires, and goals. Three of you are now beautiful mothers, and God has given you a gift that will forever, and a day, be a blessing. Your baby sister, who is an adult, is growing into her world. This letter is for each of you and my hope is you will take this and allow it to water your soul. I never want you to feel as I do at forty-nine. I don’t want you searching for yourself, and not knowing what true love is about yourself. So, it is my duty to protect you and give you the soundest advice I know. To save you from becoming me. I don’t want you looking in the mirror and realizing your beauty is gone. You have shattered your soul. Your beauty, life, and soul are yours for safekeeping. Your happiness is your responsibility and gives no one the key to owning it. I wish someone had taught me these lessons as a child. This is not a moment about me, but each of you, to reach for the moon and stars. To break every chain before it holds you back. That you will remember this letter and will use it as your life’s tool.

Please do not allow your outer and inner beauty to fade, for this world is not kind, surely with time, you will age, your skin will wrinkle, your hair color will change and because of life’s trials and tribulations, you will endure some heartbreaks. Love yourself first is easier now than when I was younger. They taught me to love, cater, stand behind the scenes, and not see the beauty of me. For a long time I was taught I wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t enough and those scars carry on. I’m telling each of you are enough. You are the prize and a beautiful masterpiece. Thank God for the shift of times when self-love and care is a priority. You are here to change and make a mark on the world.

The lesson I learned is beauty speaks. Please love yourself to implement the love of your body, skin, and most of all, your soul and spirit. The definition of yourself will speak louder in the clothes you wear, your hair, and your smile. No one will care about your internal battles, so don’t suppress your beauty or shine by hiding behind others.

Each day, remind yourself that you are beautiful, so you never have to seek it from a stranger, man, or any living soul…

Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.