All I Have Time to Do is Eat, Love, Pray

Tamyara Brown
4 min readMay 17, 2023

Permission Denied of being Burned Out!

The emergencies in your life matters is the most important words spoken to me. The world is now operating on Artificial Intelligence time. Life is moving fast and most times for most of us, all we have time is to do is eat, love and pray. The moments of some and most of our lives are working full-time jobs, side hustles and full businesses. For so many of us we have to push when even when where depleted. Whether it be financial responsibilities, life goals or simply trying to break old habits. We often fall asleep forgetting to eat because we work until exhaustion.The pressures of the world eliminate the time to love wholeheartedly through past traumas and dramas. As we close our eyes, we pray silent prayers of renewal, strength and healing. The burnout is often us denying ourselves permission to rest and reconnect to oneself.

Why? For some of us, we are chasing our level of success. Especially me. I’ve lost the art of setting boundaries, voicing my hurts, and the transparency of being burnt out. The ability to say no, to feel comfortable to take a break. The grind is real with inflation at an all time high. The cost-of-living causes us to work around the clock. The fear of not being able just to maintain day to day tasks. Some have mastered how to balance all of that life calls them to be. Kudos and blessings because they found the secret sauce. They have it all figure it out. While I am still at forty-nine catching up and trying to be in a position to rest without worry.

We live in a world of boxes of being locked in. To appear powerful, we hide our vulnerability. We take away the fact that we need intimacy, companionship, and comfort. Social media teaches us and the world we are the tools and the kit in repairing us. We isolate ourselves in sealed boxes. When things fall apart we go in attack mode of oneself. We sabotage the connection because we’ve bump our head too many times. So we practice stealing away our grace and mercy. We criticize and rip apart our own souls because we haven’t reached our own personal levels. What I learned is we as women turn our challenges into our major superpowers.

So with our super powers, we go into neglecting our desires and wants. We believe the myth I have the time to catch up.We who are givers believe we are the option and not the priorities. The lesson I am learning is so often we steal our own time. We deny our permission to connect to others because of bad experiences. I know for myself I refuse to say I am exhausted because I don’t want to appear weak. Also, running a boutique design agency when you are providing a service no one wants your excuses. We overstep our own limits because, yet again; We become comfortable being the wind beneath folks’ wings and anchoring ourselves from being whole.

Most of us compromise the best of us because we fear of rejection. We go into full superpower mode of being a Shero. The hugest truth bomb I can drop from my lesson is no one gives a damn if you are falling apart. No gives two cares of your depression or fall off. Most of us not all want to be rescued. We want someone to give a damn.It is a natural need to want to be comforted. Yet, the moment a bit of vulnerability kicks we run. We become defensive because our strong woman code breaks open the box of truth.

Another hard truth I had to accept is my happiness is mine, and most times I have not a clue to what makes me happy. I know I’m not alone, because I know I don’t make the time to figure it out. I’m working, working, eat a little something, give love to my family, and before you know it is time to pray.

Today, I ask that you take a moment to write down what makes you happy. I mean write the list as I had to do. Start small and reconnect with your path. Let go and let God be your North Star. Listen closely and learn what brings a smile on your face for no reason. Even if it’s relocating out of your hometown. Whatever your quest, or thirst to quench simply do it. Time is elapsing and we are getting older as I am. Let’s connect and break our bad habits and unchain our broken hearts. Let’s forgive ourselves and go after what is ours. It my wish for me, and you to find our happy. To take a breather and renew oneself.



Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.