Beautifully Loved Without Barriers!

Tamyara Brown
4 min readDec 2, 2018

I’ve longed for this genuine affection and love without barriers. I’ve locked in my love for life, self and others with a fear that shook my soul. I realize true love of yourself will never be contained. Love erases mistakes with forgiveness. It heals the hurts that ail us. Ever get a genuine hug from a friend, your parents, your child or hubby? Doesn’t it cleanse the soul and remind us why we all so desperately need to embrace one another? My son Isaiah greets me with three or four hugs a day. He is love without barriers or fear. I love that he is unique and lovable. It makes me proud to be his mother.

The security of his hugs, the I love you’s from my grandchildren, my son Ruben coming into my room with jokes and my daughter’s jumping into my bed asking about the questions of life. My friends who check on me, make me stop working and find a way to make me laugh. I can not say, “ I am not loved.”It heals all of the things broken. Yet, as I look into my own heart I have to remove the barriers that I must be perfect to love myself. I can beautifully loved whether dressed in a nightgown or designer clothes. Love doesn’t care if you are at your best or worst because it is what makes us continue to live each day.

I am cutting hearts into the personal prison I’ve kept my love in. I am welcoming the sun of acceptance to brighten my cloudy days. I enjoying my growth because I know now love is about allowing the internal. Forgiveness of others and I is a necessity. I don’t have to wait to be loved because it lives in me every day. Love lives inside each of us without permission it illuminates our souls. It breaks out of nowhere and forces to receive and give onto others.

The lessons of loving without Barriers

There have been times I’ve fallen apart and lost hope. Moments when I lost power over my life because I thought I could never fit into life’s equation. Now that I look back I put up some of my personal barriers refusing to be loved because I too thought love was created versus given. Each moment I am given the chance to say, “ I love you.” I will do it. Every time I get to give a hug I do. Why? So many people are in a deficient and God has given us the responsibility to fulfill it. He creates moments of us to open our hearts and soul. To be the gift and break down myths love has to be perfect.

I allow myself to cry to cleanse my heart. I allow laughter to escape because life is serious but laughter is medicine. I welcome genuine friendships and will not let those who betray me take it away from others. They are missing out and not me. Stop missing out on the precious gift of because of folks bad behavior. Stop putting up barriers and brick walls around your heart for petty stuff and arguments.

I ask that you set love free, please take down the walls, fears, and prejudices that hold us back. Anger is a liar and keeps you imprisoned from what you deserve. Take a moment to say, I am sorry and fear not telling what you need. Be the peace and blessing into someone’s life. It is the lesson I am learning that each day I am beautifully loved without barriers. I will give that back in return. I am love. You reading this blog is love and no matter how we attempt to avoid it will shine through your souls. Never forget that.

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Tamyara Brown

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