Black Girl Cry Unheard

Tamyara Brown
2 min readJun 11, 2022
Created by Tamyara Brown|

I stood in a field of roses so you couldn’t see my tears fall from my eyes.

Even with each bloom, I was feeling gloom.

The night whispers awaken me with loud whimpers in my dreams.

I muffled them with my pillow, and lock the door so these tears of this dear black girl remain muffled.

I Stood in the rain so the world would believe it drenched me from droplets of rain bringing me joy, but I was masking my tears. I wanted to be unheard of because I was tired of my blues.

It is suffocating me, but I take several breaths, smile, and find another space so if even to pretend I look like a ray of sunshine.

From my tears, I pray I produce beautiful roses of love, peace, and joy.

From my tears, I hope to eradicate someone's pain if only for one moment.

I hide what’s inside to hide what’s breaking.

Hoping in these fields of roses for their healing.

This is my blues to conquer so I master masking them with roses of smiles,

Roses of love & send a smile.

This is my blues to travel with alone and however, it folds. I pray I keep producing roses with pretty pictures and beautiful words.

Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.