The Case of The Super Woman

Tamyara Brown
5 min readFeb 1, 2022

The Secret Struggle of Mental Health We Do & Don’t Want To Deal With!

If I Holler Help Will you Really Hear Me?

Her cape tattered, tears stains hidden behind makeup and when called she answers, but do we hear the voice of the superwoman? Especially when she is put beautifully together. The woman with brains, beauty, and a heart of gold.Do we ignore her need to be rescued because she is considered indestructible?Simply because she can handle her business and manage her family. She shouldn’t be depressed per family, fiends and society. She is the baddest chick and plus she is never allowed to fail under pressure.

Yet, the more they’re are suicides being committed among . The crisis with depression is we are not allowing, seeking and getting the help we need. Most fear their truth, the others don’t have time and others don’t trust a soul. The hard question is are we really checking on our strong friends? Are we really listening when your strong friend is calling for help. Are we adding more to their plate which overflows because she is always been able to add one more thing to do.

More and more I ask myself to pay attention to the words not said, to probe a little more and I’m fine simply means more. Love is a verb and the action we take may be listening and not saying a word. Netflix and chilling over dinner. No big grand gestures just being a gentle kind friend of love and compassion. Be understanding and being a sounding board.

She is asking, but here is the hard truth some of us are not answering. We, too, are too busy to respond. We, too, are overwhelmed. Here is the truth we forget to call, text and email because of the job, life and every bit of responsibility is on you. We sometimes tend to think of only ourselves because, hell we are dealing with depression and feelings of exhaustion as well. Are we reading between the lines? Are we shaming our friends and family’s thoughts when they share? Is the broken friend or family member a reflection of our struggles? The hard truth no one is obsolete from dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Life is hard, it gets lonely and overwhelming. Without the right support your thoughts can take you to dark places. The cry for help is louder than we really want to hear. E cause some of us need help…

Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.