The Evolution of Not Quitting When You’re Tired

Tamyara Brown
3 min readAug 20

I write this for every woman who’s considered quitting, who doesn’t pretend that the stress and pressures of their life aren’t smothering them. When you want to scream and want to run away. It hit me nothing of what we, as humans feel, isn’t abnormal. We all at some point want to escape the pressures of the world, and even certain people and circumstances. It is not a sin to be fed up with what is or isn’t changing. Sometimes the evolution of not quitting is letting go. It is not quitting, but walking away from what does not serve you or leaves you depleted. The evolution of not giving up is accepting that a space, place, or lifestyle is no longer what you want. I’ve learned not to confuse quitting with moving on. The way to keep you from not quarrying is to move on.

It’s late at night, the sound of rain falling, the strike of lightning, and the sound of thunder. I realize I am a hamster on the wheel. Working, but with no direction. The wheel is constantly going, but I am stuck. I’ve been without emotional and physical closeness for 14 years. I’m bored as hell and I feel like I’m sinking to rise no more. With every flicker of light, I become more and more exhausted. I’m putting int the work , but the results are bare minimal. Despite my ability to quit, I continue to push forward. I’ve faced so many challenges in life that it’s tempting to just lie down and never get up. I assure you, sometimes throwing in the towel is necessary, and there are valid reasons for it. Why? You know and feel when it is no longer working for you. When every effort comes back with minimal results. It is then time to move on and find a place where you fit in.

The evolution of not quitting is sometimes revamping and taking a hard look at your life. If it is not working. Don’t keep spinning your wheels on the same old road — explore fresh paths to reach your goals. Most times, it is fear that stops us from taking a detour. The risks often open us up even if it doesn’t work.

Our life is just a road trip of uncertainty, and stories that are unwritten. It is waiting for us to write it. To breathe life into it. We can either stay stuck in being comfortable or go for it without fear. So many of us have put everything and everyone in front of our wants, needs, and desires. The evolution of not quitting is to stop disappointing yourself. Become the priority, step out on faith, and go for it. It is difficult, but I believe in order not to quit is to make some serious changes in our lives.

Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.