The Labor Of Love

Tamyara Brown
3 min readSep 4

On this Labor Day, I hope to uplift those who are feeling down. The hard workers who work jobs that meet their bare minimum. You are the resilient ones, enduring the blows and pushing through the ache. To me, loyal warriors are the ones who remain steadfast in their beliefs and dreams, even when the going gets tough. The unsung heroes of the world are feeling burned out and haven’t quit because the goal is worth the sacrifice. Day in, day out, committed mothers and fathers prioritize their children’s needs over their own, putting their own goals on hold. Shackled to a job you dream of quitting, but all you can think about is feeding your family. To buy that dream home so they won’t ever wonder where they will have to lay their heads. To put your child through college. Society often overlook their sacrifices and cannot give them recognition.

Despite feeling burdened and broken, you still showed up every day. Some days you’re so tired, but faithfully you appear with love to assist fellow co-workers, family, and friends. Although there were days when you needed someone to carry you, you always uplifted others. The heroism of carrying loads that felt like they would crush your soul. Your selflessness and willingness to put others first make you a true hero in my eyes. It’s painful to witness others getting promoted before you, especially when you were the one who trained them. You’ve watched the higher-ups take credit for your ideas, leaving you feeling frustrated and undervalued. On the days you feel disrespected, because someone has come out their face wrong to you. Yet, because of your child’s prom, the house payment, and whatever bill needs to be paid, you learn to practice peace over being right. You learned to humble yourself and know that this too shall pass. That type of restraint and power needs to be rewarded.

I pray each day that your dreams come true and that each of you who has made the ultimate sacrifices knows I appreciate you. For weathering the storm and being the shelter to others. For showing up when your body ached, when that cold was taking a toll. In the rain, sleet, and storms. I know from the hearts of all hearts it wasn’t easy. On this day, I want you to care for the most valuable person in the room, and that is you. Many of us are faithful to the grind, to our families and friends. I learned we must enforce the same labor of love for ourselves. The children are out of the house, grown, and doing grown folk stuff. You’ve missed your joys by sacrificing, now it is time to reclaim it. Seize what is yours, now. I don’t know who needs to read this, but it’s time to put the same investment back into you. To take the chances you neglected because everyone needed you. It’s not too late. I’m saying this with love, and a personal love letter to not only you, but myself. Re-invest that labor of love back into yourself. You deserve it. Take today to rest and rejuvenate your tired mind, heart and soul. Write down a plan to reconnect, reach for the stars perfectly set for you and only you.

Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.