The Reason They Are Targeting You is Because You Are A Threat!

Tamyara Brown
3 min readJul 27, 2017

We’ve all encountered the person who is mean, evil, a hater, praying for your downfall. They’ve attacked your character, attempted to annihilate your sanity, and destroy your reputation. Maybe you’ve had beef and though you are trying to create peace they rather keep the drama. Messy folks who have it all and then some but live for your misery has consumed their life of your every action and move are petty Bettys. They can’t sleep unless they mention your name with slander. They are so drunk in hate they’ve lost interest in their lives because they are so busy following yours. You are a target because that individual feels threatened by you. Isn’t that some sad sick ish for a person who has it together to fear you?

A person who is threatened just by your voice, your Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter page is simply weak. Your hustle, grind, the way you make moves shakes the ground they walk on. They’ve become sick with envy that you are living and winning at life. So, riddle me this? Why are you letting your haters win? Why do you allow them to upset you? Do you realize they will use what you love the most? They will come at you for no reason because they are bitter and broken. They envy the fact what didn’t kill you made you stronger and sharper. Those people who shouldn’t give a damn whether you whistle or wiggle while you take a piss are consumed with your every movement. The truth of the matter is they do and if nothing else should let you further know you are not powerless.

Those who target you while you are going through are losers. I don’t want to hear that your speakings facts and just for the record maybe that individual has fallen but what gives you the right to judge? Is your life put together nice and neat? If your answer is yes then riddle me this again why are you stuck on the person you despise? Why do you care? Seeing them suffer doesn’t add dollar signs or zeros in your bank account. Some folks like to live in the reality TV show world while living broke and broken. Those divas get paid to talk ish and bash their frenemies. What purpose does it serve for you? How does it make you better? It takes a miserable person to get joy off someone’s downfall or shortcomings. What I’ve learned is life is a loud echo and a speeding boomerang that will come back at you.

Know that your hater who is constantly speaking ill of you, enjoying your downfalls are shackled in fear of you. They are shackled by the thought even in the mess you put on a large S and you're still Superb. Think about it and know that you are a target because they are threatened by you.

Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.