The Sizzling 70s & Krush Groovin 80s

Part 1

Tamyara Brown
5 min readDec 18, 2020

By Dartanya A. Williams Sr. and Tamyara Brown

Two authors wanted to bring some joy to this rough year reminiscing about the 70s his era and the 80s my era. Dartanyawilliams and I decided to take you way back when algorithms and social media didn’t matter. The music made you move, groove, and change the world. Join us on this nostalgic ride and slide, slide into the mood. If you are a millennial absorb the history, turn on Spotify, Tidal or go on Youtube and just vibe to our times.

First up The Sizzling 70s by Dartanya A. Williams

Okay, Grasshopper that means you ladies (Babe) put down your phone for five minutes and trust me that last notification was some bullshit, anyway. I’m going to take you to a time when algorithms did not manipulate you all day. Back in the days of the fair ones and zip guns and until the streetlights came on you had to run home because all day you had fun.

Consumerism was not shoved down your throat. Movies, books and music were King and Queen of your soul for real. Oh yes, the 1970s I was a young buck with an afro without the blow out kit and Roberta Flack was not the only one with blue lights in the basement. My entire world was Kung fu movies basement parties and playing sports was my entire world. Black light posters were rebellious nasty super Black and political. The zodiac poster with different sexual positions was my favorite.

The first time I heard Hollywood Swinging on the radio I damn near lost my mind. That happens to all of us because the musical giants of the 1970s stomped a mud hole in your universe. To me the artists of those days put their heart and soul into their work you can tell. Listen to Jungle Boogie from Kool and the Gang, Fire, and I want to be free from the Ohio Players they did not phone that shit in. If it was a sad song like The Beginning of the end by the Unifics, it made you cry. If it’s funky with a message like the O’ Jay’s For the love of money, move your ass deep down into your psyche. And Stay saturated into every fiber of Black people’s existence. I can write a 50-page blog and some of your…

Tamyara Brown

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