The Story Of A Broken Woman

Tamyara Brown
3 min readSep 14, 2015

Definition of a broken woman: A woman who has deposited more in others than herself. She has depleted her heart, mind and spirit.

You’ve seen her before the woman who is broken. She given in and given up. Your not exactly sure what brought her to this place of being Distance, Withdrawn, Angry, Sad & Bitter. She’s thrown in the towel and said, “ two tears in a bucket and I’m done.”Externally her hair is a mess, her pretty is wasting away , when you look in her eyes all she can do is hang her head down low. To the average eye she is playing the victim role, she is weak and that is her fault. In this word people could give two shits about the broken woman’s story. I want to tell it because even with a S on her chest she can’t always be a Superwoman. We created a myth, created that a woman should give it all up until more and more women are cracking up.

Years ago, I went to a parenting class and I sat next to a woman who seem to have it all together. Her nails, her hair, clothes and life seem impeccable and without flaw. When she stood up at the podium and open her mouth. The words she utter was,

“I once was a broken woman. You wonder how? I deposited more into others than myself. I was seeking love from lovers, friends and family who could give a damn about me. I didn’t love me back.When I was depleted, had a nervous breakdown and near death it was the aha moment. I sat in the psychiatric ward for a month and I’ll be honest it the sanest I’d been in a long time. Crazy, right? Not at all in that place I became a better person. I deposited it more into me than I done in my entire life. Today, I ask each woman who has ever felt depleted, given their entire life to begin to deposit more into their lives. Stop having a negative balance on your happiness, peace and most of all joy.”

We know someone who has given so much of herself as a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and etc. I speak from experience when I say when you are crying more than you laugh. When coming home is a just stress and you can’t get together anymore. This is the key factor and your giving your best then maybe you need to re-evaluate your life. As Sophia Nelson states, “check your row” and sometimes it may mean terminating relationships with family members.

A broken woman will not actually come out and say it. She is too busy rescuing others to see she is the one in need of saving. She wants the help but her time is divided between taking care of the children, dealing with the trouble teen, the sick child, being pulled a thousand ways and yet pieces are falling. When she finally breaks she is all about the drama when in reality she crying for help for the most valuable person herself.

Broken women no matter how the story is written is crying out for one thing help. She needs to deposit into her life the same energy she’s given to others. I hope whomever reads this knows she is not acting out in drama but a cry for help.



Tamyara Brown

Tamyara is an author of eight novels, blogger, graphic and website designer. She is also the host of B.L.A.H Diaries.