Training Season-The Fight of Your Life!

Tamyara Brown
4 min readNov 11, 2018
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Have you ever stood in the middle of the ring blindfolded not knowing who was the contender and who was the coach? You thought you were prepped, but it does not prepare you for the first punch. The blow hits you and knocks you on the ass. The blindfold falls off to discover the contender is not a friend, foe, family member or a lover but YOURSELF. Your coach is yelling from the corner, “Come on champ, get up.” It is the biggest battle we will ever face no matter how big the opponent may be. We will always have the doubt and fears of living inside us. We will deal with the monsters eating our spirits alive especially during training season. It is the battle we will fight every day no matter the color of your skin, the money in your bank account or the house you live in. We all will deal with a battle within ourselves.

Train Like Your Life Depends On It Every day!

I learned if I wanted to be great I would have to practice, study and willing to listen. I’d have to rise before everyone else. Get the proper coaching because I would need someone to tell me when I miss or hit. When to jab and when to duck. The coach on your team has to believe just as hard that you will win. Your contender is yourself and lives within. Which means from the beginning your going to lose friends that are foes. You will see the haters as you are striving to be all that you can be. Training requires no missed days and excuses. There will be days you will cry but the coach will wipe your tears. They will accept the good, help you improve the bad and still deal with you on your worse day.

Forgive Yourself!

The biggest contender that blackens our hearts and soul is the willingness not to forgive. We harvest ill thoughts and feelings because we make mistakes or miss opportunities. We torture ourselves because of bad thoughts and in the ring of life; we lose big time. We will get our behinds whipped good because our mistakes and miss opportunities will cause us to let him hit us. We will allow the misses of life to knock us down hard on our ass. Atone for your sins but also in the process forgive you.

You’re Gonna Make An Impact Even If You Lose!

We lose some of the best fights of our lives the first time around. They will beat us so bad we think we can’t get back up.I’ve learned even when I am beaten to get back into the fight. To crawl on my hands and knees defeated, devastated and discouraged but still get in the ring. Why? I will make an impact even with my losses. Someone will remember me as the woman who had issues, who shit stink, tripped on life hurdles, and while in the ring with a black eye, soul-aching and defeated that Tamyara P. Brown still made an impact. How? because even in my losses I will have small victories. Even in your losses, you will win.

In training, you will endure some of the toughest battles but believe me I know you will win. I know whoever reading this will become a champion because you refuse to quit. Please fall forward, get up and know you will eventually win.

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